Vegan Athlete Coaching




Sports Scientist
B. Exercise & Sports Science, Dip Rem Massage, Level 2 Coach

Aden de Jager is a South African born now Australian citizen. He recently completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Griffith University and is currently completing his honours with a focus in cardiac fatigue in masters athletes.

Aden has been a lifelong athlete racing motocross for a total of 20 years and reached the top level of the sport racing in the American motocross and super cross circuit in 2009 and 2010. 

When Aden started studying he took up cycling and triathlon as a hobby and within two years he was racing in the national road series for Pro Team Scody Down Under and had some successful results at state and national level. 

Whilst competing, Aden understood that especially in an endurance sport such as cycling the energy needed to perform at a top level was directly related to the food you consume. After reading countless papers and researching Aden realized that a vegan diet was clearly optimal for not only the athlete but for his health in general after competitive sport.

After adopting the vegan lifestyle Aden has learnt so much more about the vegan lifestyle than just improving his health and performance. Aden has learnt that every life on this planet matters and by adopting the vegan lifestyle he can help the voiceless, whilst also reducing his environmental impact on our beautiful planet.